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Hardwood Floor Hardness Ratings

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Hardness ratings of hardwood Flooring is typically determined by the Janka Hardness rating test. 

In Simple words, A metal ball of a certain size is thrown on identical sized samples of different hardwoods, 

The amount of force required to make a certain sized dent in the wood is measured and compared and the hardness of a species is thus determined.

Generally speaking, hardness ratings are only relevant for dent resistance on solid hardwood floors. 

These numbers or ratings change on engineered hardwoods. (usually get better).

This is so because Engineered Hardwoods only have a thin veneer of wood glued over a plywood or a very high density fiberboard base. 

When it comes to denting, the plywood or the HDF core are actually much harder than the Hardwood veneer wear layer on the top.

Also Hardness ratings should not be confused with Scratch resistance. All woods will Dent and Scratch in everyday life. There is no such this as a scratch proof floor or a dent proof floor. 

This chart is for reference purposes only but should not be a deciding factor on your choice of flooring. Doing a little bit of flooring research on the internet is not bad but there is too much irrelevant misinformation out there. As your local flooring store, it is our job to explain you what matters and what are simple marketing tactics.  When you come to our store, you deal directly with us, the owners, not salesmen, You can rest assured you will always get the right advice from us. Even if you don't buy from us.  Stop by see for yourself, find out what the others are not telling you.

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Janka hardness Test results of popular kinds of hardwood flooring.

Brazilian Cherry2350
Santos Mahogany2345
Hickory / Pecan1820
Hard Maple1450

White Oak

Red Oak1290
Yellow Birch


Douglas Fir660
Western White Pine420

If you need accurate information on how a particular engineered hardwood floor rates on the Janice test, you should get that information from the manufacturer of that specific floor since every manufacturer uses different specs and types of raw materials in their product.

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