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Laminate Flooring Types and options

KNow this before you buy Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a very long term investment and it is only right to make an educated decision before you buy Laminate flooring.

Besides the color and look you should seriously consider the following things. 


Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is the single most important thing that matters in any laminate flooring. The Lock holds the flooring planks or boards together. We cannot stress enough on the importance of having a good lock in your floor. While there are many kinds of locking options, our first and foremost choice is always the "uniclick" lock which is also called Unilin. There are other fairly decent locks available in the market too but none is as versatile as Uni-Clic.

AC Rating

The abrasion Class or  AC Rating of laminate flooring is what tells you the general overall toughness and quality of the floor.

The different AC ratings and recommended uses are as follows:

AC1: Moderate Residential - Light traffic areas like bedrooms

AC2:  Moderate Residential - Living rooms, Family rooms, Dining rooms of single family homes. 

AC3: Heavy Residential & Light - Moderate Commercial - All areas of homes and  Low traffic offices.

AC4: All residential and Moderate Commercial like Smaller retail stores and medium traffic offices.

AC5: Heavy Commercial like Department stores and public offices.

We usually like to use AC2 and above.

brand - country of origin - for warranty purposes. 

All laminate flooring is sold in boxes that usually have a brand name, installation instructions, care & warranty information printed.

Most brands of floors come with fancy long term warranties printed on them. Those warranties are only good if you can reach the manufacturer. 

Hence you always want to buy a well known brand that is firmly established locally in the USA. Should you ever need any after sales service, you need to be able to reach the manufacturer since they are the ones who carry the material warranties.

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