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Standard wall to wall carpets are broadly classified by texture as follows

Saxony - Fine plush Velvet look

Textured Saxony - Slightly rougher textured look than velvet

Texture - Rougher look than a textured Saxony

Frieze - Very high stringy texture almost like a fine shag

Cable or shag - Very distinct shag with thick tufts

Berber loop - which are looped tufts and can be with or without pattern.

Cut & loop - A combination of a cut and loop pile with patterns both geometric or floral

Commercial - Short cut or loop piles typically used in commercial settings like offices, stores, even in the garage.

Carpet Squares - Usually commercial carpet that comes in squares which are easy to install in occupied settings.

Indoor outdoor - Carpet that can be used both indoors as well as outdoors in the open, exposed to the elements. 


Carpet fibers have evolved a lot over the years. The basic types of fibers however remain the same.

Wool - A natural fiber that is soft an Luxurious. It is expensive and high maintenance as it is prone to staining and also allergies.

Nylon - Across the board , Nylon is the best fiber to have in your house. Resilient, Stain Resistent, Long life. Tough.

Polyester - Good stain resistance, but poor resilience, Not nearly as tough as nylon. Shorter life.

PTT - The new fiber on the block. A newer generation fiber evolved from polyester, better than standard polyester but still not as good as nylon.

Olefin - Also called Polypropelene, a very tough fiber, excellent stain resistance but poor resilience. Hence woven tightly in commercial loop carpet. 

The above is a simplified broad classification of different fibers used in carpets today. within these categories, there are a few sub categories

to learn more about carpet fibers, textures and types and which is the best carpet for you, we strongly advice you to visit our store and look at different carpet options yourself at the showroom. Unless you really know what exact carpet you want, it is a advised not to shop at home for carpet.

Visit our store to learn more about carpets and selecting the right carpet for your home or workplace. 

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